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Hello! I’m Eli Wild.

Eli Wild Studio At The Compound Gallery
My studio at the Compund Gallery
Eli Wild Painting at a Compound Gallery Event
Live Painting at the Compound Gallery Grand Opening

Artist Statement
The central theme of my work is the interplay of flora, fauna, and an unseen, sensed environment. I use a blend of layers, collage, and detailed patterns to represent the multilayered aspects of our surroundings, with the intention of offering an alternate view of experiences and narratives.

My work aims to capture “spiritual innocence.” This is not spiritual in the religious sense, but rather a feeling evoked by being aware of one’s instincts, observing nature’s beauty, or recalling dreams. Collage styles, often on top of pre-existing paintings, emphasize depth and richness. Semi-transparent layers and patterns reflect the passage of time.

Regarding the process, observation is my initial step, filtering spaces, experiences and beings through an allegorical lens. Designs are often first sketched digitally, iterating between the canvas and the design to create a layered effect. I use paint and stretched canvas as the foundation, enhanced by the reflective touch of gold leaf and detailed patterns from paint pens.

For inspiration, I love the details in botanical illustrations and the narratives and allegories of folk art traditions and graphic novels. The works of Gustav Klimt, particularly his golden phase, and Keith Haring are notable inspirations. Additionally, the work of my mentor from university, ceramicist Xavier Toubes, has greatly influenced me.

Brief Biography
I was raised in the arts community and attended an arts high school, NCSA. Later, I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on scholarship, and pursued further education and residencies in Spain. I’ve held solo exhibitions in Spain and Germany, and joined group shows in Spain, Portugal, and the US. I took a ten-year break from art to position myself for success. I returned to my art practice a few years ago and currently work out of the Compound Gallery art studios in Emeryville.

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