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Catfish – Nocturne


Unique acrylic painting on recycled canvas. 40”x36”x.1.5”

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On a repurposed canvas, once a Burning Man campsite sign, I aim to celebrate the allure of the flora and fauna that surrounds us conveyed through the surreal and figurative nature of the piece.
At the heart of the painting is a mesmerizing black cat with captivating yellow-green eyes, reclining on one front paw while using the other to obscure its face. The feline figure’s more realistic head immerses the viewer into the cat’s mesmerizing gaze. The cat’s body is adorned with intricate patterns to evoke the sensation of glistening turquoise-blue scales, blurs the boundaries between what is tangible and what is fantasy. Infusing the work with a dreamlike and ethereal essence. The feline is set against a playful backdrop of pink and green patterns, lending itself to various interpretations, from amoebas to textile designs to diminutive green jellyfish.
My hope is that the viewer feels invited to immerse themselves into this world of evocative feline sorcery.

Narrative/ Back Story

In a place where reality and imagination converged, dwelled a mesmerizing black cat known as Nocturne. With its piercing yellow-green eyes, Nocturne was no ordinary feline but a citizen of a fantastical realm where flora and fauna thrived beyond the mundane.
In this realm, vibrant colors and dynamic shapes intermingled to form a living, breathing tapestry. Nocturne stood sentinel at the mystical gateway between worlds, guarding the secret known only to a select few.
Adorned with intricate, iridescent turquoise-blue scales, Nocturne embodied the essence of the magic that coursed through the realm’s veins. The feline was a creature of wonder that seemed to have been born out of the mystical landscape itself.
One day, while wandering in search of inspiration, a young artist named Saffron chanced upon the enigmatic Nocturne. Saffron was immediately entranced by the cat’s enigmatic aura and set out to paint Nocturne, capturing every detail with precision.
As Saffron worked on the canvas, a vivacious palette of pink and green colors brought the artwork to life. The completed painting served as a portal to the magical world of the “Mystical Feline Dreamscape,” where Saffron and Nocturne embarked on an adventure that would forever change their lives.
In this surreal world, they encountered fantastical beings and explored landscapes that defied logic, discovering secrets and legends long forgotten. As their journey continued, Saffron and Nocturne formed an unbreakable bond, learning from one another and sharing in each other’s worlds.
Their story, immortalized in the painting, serves as a testament to the power of art to transport us to other realms and the enduring magic that exists beyond our everyday experiences. The painting invites viewers to step into the “Mystical Feline Dreamscape” and explore the limitless possibilities of the imagination.

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